TQAuditor v2.13-2.14


We have released v2.13-2.14 with the following new features:

  • All Lite accounts are changed to Enterprise free accounts.
  • Added notification for evaluator that no mistakes were added and prompt for confirmation if they really want to complete evaluation without mistakes.
  • Added hint to project creation page that tells the user that a manager can assign himself/herself as project evaluator when creating the project to upload files.
  • Added option to disable notification to translator about comparison creation.
  • Implemented optional arbitration.
  • Added categories, severities and comments and mistake count stats to Excel export report.
  • When evaluator completes the evaluation without mistakes, the project also completes.
  • Added specialization filter to average score reports. Added filters by source and target languages and by specialization to translator and evaluator reports.
  • Added optional notification for project evaluator when project is completed by translator.
  • Added evaluation count to evaluation stage name.
  • Added user's companies and per company reports.

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