A system for tracking changes in translated files


Upload two versions of a file to the system


The system compares the files and generates a correction report


Export and add to the report

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Every translator or editor has had to:


Demonstrate to the client that proofreading has been performed


See what changes were made in a translation


Show a list of corrections and mistakes to a translator


Find out who changed the translation, along with when and why it was changed


Show the client what changes have been made to a translation


Comment corrected mistakes

This typically involves using different tools, which complicates and slows down the editing process.

TQAuditor simplifies all of this

The system does most of the work for you:

  • Instantly compare different versions of bilingual files and generate correction reports
  • Export the corrections report into Excel-compatible file
  • If needed, comment the file and send it to the customer or translator

how it works


You upload translated and edited files to the system


The system compares the files and quickly generates a correction report


If desired, you can export the evaluation report to an Excel-compatible format for further processing or for review

See a detailed description of the process in our video tutorials and documentation

how much does it cost

TQAuditor Light is completely free!

There are 2 ways to use the system:

Non-registered user

You can compare two versions of translated file and see the list of corrections

Registered user

You can compare multiple file pairs in one session, and export comparison results to Excel

Why is it free?

We just hope you like our system and tell your colleagues about it. Among them there may be agencies who will be interested in the paid Enterprise version. And maybe someday you'll also start your own translation agency…